Solfingers Hair Growth Oil


Solfingers HAIR GROWTH
OIL is an exclusive blend of oils
derived from neem, moringa, and
various botanicals for hair health and
rejuvenation. This product is to help
preserve and nourish hair cells. Just
massage a few drops directly to hair
and scalp and leave it for for 20 to
30mins with head covered in a warm
towel. Can also be used effectively on
the skin as a moisturizer and for a
youthful look. No fillers or additives! Just Actives!

INGREDIENTS: neem oil, moringa oil,
jojoba oil, coconut oil, argan oil, and
various other botanicals extracts:
fenugreek, hibiscus, black cumin seed,
vetiver, and others

Formulated by Phytomedic Labs for
Solfingers Hair
For more info, contact Solfingers
Hair at: 832-310-5939

Caution: although made with natural plant oils and
extracts, some people may develop reactions. If
irritation occurs, stop using. Keep away from children.
Do not use if pregnant or nursing.

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